With fortnite Choppa now most player’s vehicle of choice

After the latest update to Fortnite, leakers found five unreleased weapons and items in the game files believed to be destined for release in the battle royale mode.Advertisement

However, this new leak features a different code name to the others, so it looks like this is yet another unreleased weapon we are yet to see in the game.

The Choppa could be getting a counter soon in Fortnite.

There’s already been a lot of new weapons added this season, but there’s still time for more before Season 3 of Chapter 2 kicks off later in April.

With Choppa now most player’s vehicle of choice, the new rocket launcher might be brought in to help balance it out, and allow you to take out enemies trying to take the high ground advantage.

Data miner iFireMonkey also uncovered some audio files of the weapon being fired, plus its description: Can lock on to the Helicopter.

The Choppa currently has no way of dealing any damage though, and in its current build doesn’t have any flares, so this Rocket Launcher could be a very powerful counter.

We have no idea when this weapon, only v buck generator known as the “MistyBop” for now, will be available in the game though, if at all. Plenty of other weapons and items have been leaked, only to never actually see the light of day in-game.

As mentioned, five other weapons were also leaked, and one of them was in fact another rocket launcher, so perhaps only one of these will eventually be added. We’ll just have to wait and see.