Epic brought this back in Season 2 with an expansion

Epic introduced the concept of ‘enlightened’ skins in the first season of Fortnite Chapter 2. The 8-Ball vs. Scratch skin has a ‘corrupted’ variant that would take control of the skin as you gained XP past level 100.

The skin took an additional 200+ levels to completely fill out. The season lasted for five months, though, which means that a lot of dedicated players at least came close to a fully corrupted skin.

Epic brought this back in Season 2 with an expansion. This time, you can unlock gold variants of all of the Battle Pass skins (with the exception of Maya).

New Skins!!
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Of course, we don’t expect Fortnite v bucks generator Season 2 to last for another five months. This will probably be a normal season in terms of length, which means that we can expect it to end within two or three months of starting.

So, what level do you have to reach to unlock all of the gold skin variants? Each skin has its own threshold, with Agent Peely being the most expensive. Here’s a breakdown courtesy of @iFireMonkey.

As you can see, you’ll need to reach level 300 to max-out your Agent Peely skin. This is going to take a lot of grinding – especially when we consider the amount of free XP we got in Season 1.

Players have, in fact, began to complain about the level of XP rewards we gain this season. XP tokens appear to be bugged and don’t reward players for picking them up. On top of that, Epic seems to have nerfed the amount of XP you get for killing opponents and winning matches.

This, unfortunately, seems to be a similar reward system that other games have used. Call of Duty Black Ops 4 got some heat from players for rewarding playtime rather than performance. Epic might be making the same mistake, here.

Epic may take a look at XP in the next patch. They were quick to buff XP last season, but they could be more set in their ways this time around.

As of now, it seems like buying your way to level 100 might be the only realistic way to max-out your Peely. Hopefully, we’re wrong.